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Lineamientos para concursos y premios de Diseño - ICSID

Martes, Octubre 13, 2015

El International Council of Societies of Industrial Design / Icsid, comparte para sus asociados unos documentos de lineamientos de concursos y premios de diseño, con la finalidad de potencializar en todo mundo las buenas prácticas aceptadas internacionalmente para este tipo de actividades, y proteger así las creaciones producto del ejercicio de diseño a sus autores.

Los invitamos a consultar los documentos en el enlace anexo:




"This new approach of sharing Icsid's knowledge and expertise is in complete alignment with the renewal of our organisation," said Icsid President Dr. Brandon Gien. "We want to make sure these best practices are widely disseminated and used by the entire design community when implementing a design initiative."

First developed in 1971 and reviewed and updated periodically, Icsid's Guidelines provide the international standard for design awards and competitions, ensuring intellectual property protection as well as fair and respectful practices for all involved—participants, jurors, and organisers.

Previously available only to those undergoing a rigorous endorsement application and granting process, Icsid's Guidelines will now be shared publicly for use and reference by the wider design community, as adopted in a motion by Icsid's Board during its February 2015 meeting. Icsid Members are encouraged to follow the guidelines and use their 'Member of Icsid' logo to promote any design conference, competition, award, tradeshow, design week they host.



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